Transformation & Portfolio Management


Environment to plan Transformation and set up the Transformation, Portfolio and Project Structure along with all the Central Assets (Process Catalogue, Job Families, System Catalogue, Stakeholder mapping etc..)

Transformation & Portfolio Management has 2 different stages

  • Identification of Strategy and Pillars
  •  Building the Programme's , Projects and Transformation Portfolio


Transformation & Portfolio Introduction..


Where we define all the Assets required for the Transformation and Setup Portfolio which includes Pillar, Programme and Projects.


Where user's will work across Pillar, Programme, Projects area's along with the Transformation Assets.


Review respective reports specific to Pillar, Programme, Project along with Transformation Assets

What the Portfolio Module provides

✔ Platform to collaborate between Business, IT and Partners

✔ Flexible to add fields, workflow and rules as we evolve

✔ Minimise re-work

✔ Integrate with existing tools

✔ Accommodate for scale and maturity –Small projects / Big Projects

✔ Support IT and Non IT projects

✔ Lights out set-up for new projects

✔ Pro-active and automated reporting and alerting at all levels of the hierarchy

✔ User elected deliverables (for each project)

✔ Connected insight & Visibility providing greater value

✔ Value based delivery, capturing corporate data once as we go

✔ Versioning

✔ Automate impact analysis

✔ Use design deliverables as training output with minimal effort

✔ Pro-actively alert

✔ Minimise or avoid license fees

✔ Promote Traceability

✔ Simplify administration of RAID, Budgets and Design Assets

✔ Maintain sight of deliverables through the gate process

✔ Help end users co-create training, best practice

Cost and Subscription Model

Service Provided Platinum Gold Silver
Modus Portal Access
Off-Site Support  
Managed Services  
Data Setup Support
On-Site Transformation Consulting
Performance Improvement
Quality Performance Review


Costing / Month Platinum Gold Silver
Configuration, Setup and Training

(Timeline 6-8 weeks

Per Transformation:

£ 20000

(10 days of Onsite and Offsite resource time included)

Per Transformation:

£ 10000

(10 days of Offsite resource time included)

Per Transformation:

£ 5000



Yearly License Cost £ 20 per User £ 20 per User £ 20 per User
Azure Infrastructure Cost

(Not Required if already present)

 If Modus Infrastructure: £ 15

If Client Infrastructure: £ 80

If Modus Infrastructure: £ 15

If Client Infrastructure: £ 80

If Modus Infrastructure: £ 15

If Client Infrastructure: £ 80

Office 365 License

(Not Required if already Present)

£ 4 / User £ 4 / User £ 4 / User

Consulting Cost: Based on the client need we provide additional days of Onsite and Offsite consulting resources on a day rate model. We will be happy to provide further information on request.

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