Transformation Solutions

Build & Sustain your Transformation with the below MODUS core Transformation Modules :-

We help you adopt the right solutions to design your transformation outcomes, structure your resources, understand the impact and manage towards benefits.  From free tools to licensed transformation platforms we bring you the best digital tools to help you sustain delivery of your change and transformation initiatives

1. Value Chain Management

Value Chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market.

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2. Transformation & Portfolio Management

An environment to plan Transformation and set up the Transformation, Portfolio and Project Structure along with all the Central Assets

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3. Communication Management

Setup of Communication Portal and Communicate business changes to teams through interactive communication portal

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4. Operating Model Management

Operating Model provides the capability to represent the process drill down from Value chain of how an organisation delivers or wants to deliver value to its internal and external customers.

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Ways of working are guidelines and policies that enable the organisations to operate effectively, efficiently and help in sustainable improvements. It works across the processes, systems and people in the organisations and defines the change required for an organisation.

Our approach to design customised Ways of Working is unique and based on several years of practical experience in Transformation and Change management across various industries and sectors.

After years of experiencing in transformation and change management we know that all organisations face similar challenges and issues when it comes to efficient and effective ways of working. Using that experience we have developed the methodology, which enables the organisations to implement change that is sustainable and that actually works.

MODUS LIVE gives organisations,
• an environment to build and sustain the transformation & business processes
• a framework to enable change and manage it properly
• a platform for knowledge sharing and talent building

MODUS LIVE gives teams,
• an understanding of changes and ways to manage them
• tools to measure and manage team performances and responsibilities
• guides to understand cross functional dependencies and impacts on processes

MODUS LIVE gives an individual,
• knowledge relevant to him/her
• an understanding of roles and responsibilities and impacts of process changes
• Actions to be taken and manage the changes in processes, systems or roles

BUILD > PERFORM > REVIEW > SUSTAIN...Your Organisational Transformation Journey using the MODUS framework,

Build: Businesses change and they change very frequently. This makes any process or tool designed keeping few things in mind obsolete, even before it is implemented. The Build area allows the users to change the processes and tools according to the evolving businesses during and post transformation journey.

Perform: The area, which is used on a day-to-day basis to execute the work across transformation and business processes by the users. This allows the users to see what they have to do, when they have to do and how they have to do. This gives them complete knowledge to do their daily tasks.

Review: This area allows the management team to see the performance of the Transformation journey, business, people and identify areas of improvements. Reports available at different levels of management hierarchy allow them to take necessary steps to improve processes, define and tweak roles and responsibilities, and usage of systems.

Sustain: This area enables the users to stick to the change and own it themselves. After a change is implemented, people stick to it for a while and then start to drift apart and start doing things their own convenient ways. It becomes increasingly important that the users sustain the implemented change by sticking to it.



Modus provides a platform to run intelligent Transformation... using App models, Assisted Intelligence, Voice & Chat bots, Mixed Reality and Intelligent Algorithms...