Our Work


We are a team of management consultants with combined experience of over 35 years specialising in delivering business change programmes through consulting, system enhancements and service based projects. We primarily work with the retail and FMCG sectors.

We offer end-to-end customised solutions according to client needs to optimise their performance and efficiency in processes. We focus on four key areas – management team, workforce, organisational processes and systems to bring about business change, management change, system implementation, and process change, training and organisational re-design.


  • Consulting

    UK and Europe – Led consulting projects and helped organizations and teams achieve business change across IT, Business Operating Model projects
    Middle East – Managed to implement end to end ERP projects
    India – Working with RAI to merge Western retail knowledge into the Indian retail market
    Far East – Led and trained many sourcing related projects across Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

  • Tools

    UK – Provided Transformation and Operating Model tools to UK Clients Europe, Australia, Middle East, South America

    Hong Kong – Launched and helped consulting companies deliver projects effectively in a controlled environment and planning to roll out our best of Talent building tool “Modus” across these areas.

  • Training

    UK  – Provided Transformation leadership and change training’s across Retail and Consulting sectors

Clients Supported