Utility and Energy Value Chain Modeller and Operating Model-S3

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A Value Chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market.

Best practice templates of Value Chain models create a framework for business teams to very quickly design their own value chains and value systems. Once these are in place product value chains become possible at scale.

The value chain modeller solves complex problem by representing the end-end system…..on one page. This frees the viewer to work out from the areas they understand and expand their understanding of how value is truly created and lost in the organization.

This enables the business to use a common language and be very specific about a coherence assessment across individual skills, group dynamics and the process, data and technology to drive it.

Our tool allows you to build the Value Chain Structure as your initial building block for Transformation management.

Value Chain has 3 stages

Identifying the Business Model
Identifying your Capabilities
Mapping of Value Chain

Operating Model provides the capability to represent the process drill down from Value chain of how an organisation delivers or wants to deliver value to its internal and external customers.

Modus Operating Model covers components such as detail process levels, RACI, KPI, Governance, policy, Documents, Training, Critical path criteria. Operating Model Sustains the process of an organisation and with add on tools has the capability to govern and automate the process. It is a solution which enables business and business owners to build, sustain and improve there business process in the organisation.

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